Oct 28
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Who is True POS & How Can We Help Your Small Business?

Working smarter can make all the difference in growing your business. Here's how True POS can help your small business scale upward.

True POS is a market leader in providing payment processing solutions and point-of-sale software for businesses across different industries.

We are a market leader in consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations and raising the bar in our sector. We have unparalleled technology to provide customized solutions to our clients to guide you in the right business direction.

This article explores what industries we operate in and how we support businesses like yours to get to the next level.

True POS Services

At True POS, we provide customized, tailor-made solutions to help your business get the job done and achieve your goals. Here are some services we provide our customers.

1. ATM Services

ATMs are a powerful and passive way to bring in and keep customers.

True POS offers a range of ATM options — mobile ATMs, retail, and wall-mounted — so you can choose the solution that best fits your needs. You receive 24-hour support so you get help any time you need it.

We also understand the value of data. That’s why with True POS, you can easily monitor your ATM’s performance online and get quick progress updates.

A customer withdrawing money from an ATM machine

2. Check Services

While some consider check payments traditional, it remains an important payment processing service.

True POS offers Smart Check services to merchants to enable them to accept and process check payments, just as they would with a credit or debit card. This removes the need to go to banks. You can even receive your funds in as little as three business days.

We support PC-based desktop terminals, from multiple locations and users. We also eliminate the need for banking fees and paper claims for bad checks.

3. Gift Cards

True POS offers gift card solutions to help grow your business and increase revenue. These put the control in the shoppers’ hands, decreasing exchanges, refunds, and returns due to unwanted gifts. Gift cards enable you to attract new customers and maintain loyal ones.

A great feature of gift cards is that customers can use them multiple times. They can add value or use the balance until it’s depleted.

4. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs encourage customers to continue shopping or using a brand’s products and services. These programs can be in the form of discounts, earning points for future purchases, or points-for-dollar allotments. 

Our Smart Loyalty program offers businesses the ability to reward customers for multiple visits. This encourages customers to keep coming back to earn points and claim rewards.

With our loyalty program, we help you show customers that you know and care about them. This allows you to build a long-term relationship, boosting customer satisfaction while increasing revenue.

A loyal customer receiving their change

5. Payment Processing

Payment processing by itself can feel quite overwhelming to handle.

At True POS, we ensure our platforms and tools are easy to navigate, straightforward, and user-friendly for you and your team. This means you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use our products and services.

With heightened security, you can offer your customers a range of payment options without having to worry about mishandling their personal and sensitive information.

Plus, you can easily integrate our system with your current one. This maximizes efficiency to ensure you focus on growing your business.

A cafe customer paying with a card on a POS system

The Industries We Serve

True POS provides customized solutions to help you get the done job and meet your needs. Here are the industries we operate in.

1. Convenience Stores

Running convenience stores involves a lot of moving parts. That’s why we help these businesses by:

  • Eliminating chargebacks and protecting them against counterfeit fraud and data breaches.
  • Improving checkout speed and integrating payment processes in the entire store
  • Monitoring all data — sales, revenue, timesheets, admin responsibilities — to ensure the business is on track.
  • Offering flexible payment options to customers.

2. eCommerce

eCommerce is continuously growing and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. At True POS, we help eCommerce businesses:

  • Acquire valuable data and insights about their business performance and customers.
  • Automate tedious tasks to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
  • Build and foster customer relationships.
  • Offer a variety of flexible payment processes to ensure growth.
A male customer online shopping with a credit card

3. Professional Services

Having robust payment processing technology is crucial when running a business. True POS serves professional services by:

  • Ensuring that your POS solution runs effortlessly, productively, and quickly.
  • Keeping customers’ private information safe and secure.
  • Providing a secure, user-friendly payment processing technology for business owners and customers.

4. Retail

Managing a retail business and all its nitty-gritty details can be complicated and expensive. True POS serves retail shops by:

  • Ensuring businesses’ and customers’ data remains protected.
  • Curating loyalty and gift card programs to incentivize customers.
  • Offering simple payment processing to help customers shop easily.

5. Restaurant

Customers value a stress-free dining experience. That’s why we help restaurants:

  • Ensure their sensitive information is handled with the utmost security.
  • Grow their business with our top-of-the-line, customizable solutions.
  • Manage their online reviews and gift cards to attract new diners and retain current customers.

True POS elevates your business by putting customer management, inventory, and sales all under one roof. With a range of services across different industries, we’ll work with you to provide tailor-made solutions to help you run your business more efficiently.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Contact True POS today and learn how we can help you.

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